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African grey parrot

  • Price : €300
  • City: Ballinalee
  • County: Longford
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lue and gold African grey parrot, His name is Jazzy. He's between 13-16 years old We have had him for 5 years, he was introduced to us as a "he" but I am not entirely sure of his gender. He's a difficult parrot, and nips often when he gets into a mood. But once a bond is formed he will be a friend for life. He is very noisy, as most parrots are so would not be ideal for houses with kids as he curses also. He hasn't learned any new words since he came to us, he spends most of his time in his cage or swinging on the door of his cage. He only lets 2 people in our family pet him, and it took months for the bond to form. I'll be moving out of home soon so he won't be getting the attention he needs and thats the reason for selling him. He doesn't like to be handled a lot, even after 5 years of owning him he hesitates to get on my arm or go outside of his comfort zone, hes stubborn and just does what he wants.can still contact us on whastappat +447418348667 He can't fly, I tried flying him before and he didn't take well to it. Has to have previous parrot experience as he's very difficult and needs somebody to put the time into him. He sometimes gets on my shoulder or down on the sofa but seems to get stressed out about it and his cage is his "safe place". Not sure what he is like around other birds. He doesn't mind the dogs in the house. Just bought him a new enterprise parrot cage for 400euro and he adapted well to it. His parrot mix is expensive also around 60-70euro a bag. He also likes fruit, meat, fish etc. I don't have any crate to transport him in and even if i did he would resist to go into it, he normally gets transported in a large van big enough for his cage. Has to be the perfect home for him, I have tried to rehome him before but couldn't bring myself to do it. But it is unfair to him as I don't have the time and will be moving out soon.Again he is a very difficult parrot and will need someone to invest their time into him, patience is definitely needed. He is lovely and affectionate once the bond is formed.